Market Operation Suspended due to COVID-19 concerns

The Ballarat Market has operated for over 40 years with no breaks apart from when market days coincided with important holidays and when the Ballarat Showgrounds were taken by other events.

The health and safety of all persons at the Ballarat Market is our top priority. The Ballarat Market management committee and the executive of the Rotary Club of Ballarat South assessed the risk of the COVID-19 virus to the public, stallholders and volunteers and the experiences of all jurisdictions with the effects of this virus.

The messages from the authorities have at times been conflicting and we understand that this pandemic is a rapidly evolving and complex situation and advice needs to change as circumstances dictate.

In view of our risk assessment and in respect of the wellbeing of all attending the Ballarat Market we have decided to suspend the Ballarat Market operations starting Sunday 22nd March 2020.

We understand that this is a cautious approach and we will review this suspension each week and when we are assured the health and safety threat to the Public, stallholders and volunteers has been mitigated, we will be reopening the Ballarat Market for business as usual.

Planning on how to lower the risk of the effects of COVID-19 at the Ballarat Market is well underway in preparation for a resumption of operations.

For updates on the situation please return to this website or the Ballarat Market Facebook Page, .

Stallholders with booked sites can request a refund of fees paid or the fees can be held in credit for when the Ballarat Market reopens.

Please see the Booked Site Refund for 22nd and 29th March 2020 article on how to apply for a credit.



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