The Future of the Ballarat market

The Rotary Club of Ballarat South(RCBS) has operated the Ballarat Market(Trash & Trivia) since 1979 at the Ballarat Showgrounds.
All proceeds from the market are used for Community projects after payment of unavoidable expenses such as rent, insurance, power, etc.
The Ballarat Market has become a regular outing on a Sunday for many and RCBS intends to operate the market for many years to come.
RCBS were informed of the impending purchase by BAPS of the Federation University site at Rose Hill road at the same time it became public knowledge. This means we have not had time to discuss any move.
Over the next few months we will have discussions with all parties involved and see what the new site can offer the market. We see this as an opportunity to reinvigorate the market whilst keeping its character. The Ballarat Market will continue to support the community of Ballarat and region for the foreseeable future.