Car Boot Sale

1. The car boot sale uses sites along the east side of Scott Street between Whykes St and Ford lane and along Ford Lane that are approximately 2/3 the size of standard sites.,143.8483405,18.5z
2. Hours of trading are 8:00am to 1:00pm each Sunday that the Ballarat market is operating.
3. The fee for use is $15 per market day.
4. Car boot sites cannot be booked on a long-term basis. If a long-term site is required there are standard market sites available.
5. One vehicle is allowed per site
6. No trailers are allowed on garage sale sites. A standard site must be used in this case.
7. All unsold goods must be removed from the site at the end of trading.
8. No illegal goods are to be sold. Any breaches will be referred to the relevant authorities.
9. All licences that may be required for sale of goods must be held by the seller. Any breaches will be referred to the relevant authorities.
10. There is no insurance cover for the seller’s goods or vehicles.
11. The rules are to be read in conjunction with the Guidelines for Stallholders. The above rules are supplemental to the Stall Holder Guidelines.

Policy re Busking at the Ballarat Market - update September 2018

The Ballarat market encourages buskers to perform at the Ballarat market to entertain the patrons and help provide a vibrant atmosphere in the market.

The Ballarat market reserves the right to allocate sites for busking for the benefit of the patrons of the market, other site holders and the busker.

Busking is only to be carried out on sites nominated by the Ballarat market.

The Ballarat Market has reserved two sites for buskers in the market.

No buskers are to operate inside pavilions as the sound volume interferes with the business of other site holders.

Buskers need to book sites.

By Phone 0418 518 106

Email to:

Two buskers per week can book and a donation of $20 will be made to those buskers providing that they operate for a minimum of three hours.

Buskers must check in with the Rotarians on duty and have their entrance time recorded.

The busker will be informed of the site number allocated and, if necessary, shown the location of that site.

On checkout the busker will receive a donation of $20 providing the conditions of busking at the market have been met.

The Ballarat market does not guarantee any site will be available for busking purposes.

There is a limit of two donations to buskers each week.

Any busker creating a nuisance to other site holders or the public will be asked to leave the market.