On-Line Booking

All site bookings for the Ballarat Market are now made on-line prior to the opening time of the market. The process is that a prospective site holder makes an application to the Ballarat Market to be approved as a site holder.  Once approval is given a confirmatory email will be sent to the stallholder and you can make a booking and pay for a site. There are four types of site Outside, Outside with Power, Howitt Street and Pavilion.  Limited power is available in the pavilion and Howitt St sites.The Ballarat Market will allocate a site and you will receive confirmation by email before the market date. 

Long term bookings are now available.  When you have a long term/permanent booking a site or sites, will be reserved for you on an ongoing basis.  Payment is made via the Account portal and the payment frequency is flexible to meet your needs.  You can pay by the week or for several weeks in advance.  If you wish to have a holiday you do not need to pay for that market day, just please let us know by email, before your absence, the date(s) you will be away so we can suspend you booking for that time.

If you wish to make a request for a specific site, change location, site type, long term booking or anything else please email please contact us using the contact button below.

Prices for sites are shown below.  Market rules and other polices can be found on the Policies page.  Payment is by non-contact methods only, i.e., on-line, credit or debit card.

The on-line booking system is administered by SiteTrak and you will be taken to this website.


 Once you have been approved you can make bookings, check your site allocation and update your details using the link below. 

Here are links to guides to booking casual sites and accepting and paying for permanent bookings.


Note: The cutoff for booking a site is 6:00pm on the Friday before the day of the market.  An email message confirming your site number will be sent after bookings close.

If you have any questions or would like to have a specific site number or to make a long term booking please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your request. 










Public Liability Insurance for Stallholders

It is a requirement of the Ballarat Market’s (BM) insurer that all stallholders have public liability insurance.   This requirement is common at most markets and is, in the BM's opinion, good business practice. All stallholders will now have some insurance protection if an incident occurs that is attributable to activities on their site(s). Many of the regular stall holders will already have this insurance and so there will not be an extra cost.  To register your PL policy you need to upload a certificate of currency via the site booking system.

The price for Public liability insurance will be $5 per site/day for site holders who do not have their own Public Liability Insurance Policy. If a stallholder has their own public liability insurance you need to supply a certificate of currency for public liability insurance to the BM. If this certificate is supplied and the coverage is at least $10,000,000 then a charge for PL insurance will not be levied and the coverage available through the BM insurers will not apply. 

The market liability policy wording can be found here and the certificate of currency here.

Any stallholder who does not have a policy and wishes to get their own can find more information at www.stallinsure.com.au or at one of many other insurance providers.

Food service, amusements and any other activity not coverable by the BM stallholder public liability policy.  

The PL coverage offered by the Ballarat Market does not apply to these types of activities.   All food sellers, childrens rides and amusement and any other high risk activity as deemed by the BM must have their own public liabiity policy.  

A useful discussion about stall holder insurance can be found on the Australian Government's Business website page:
Liability insurance and professional indemnity

Any questions? Phone or email us and we will be pleased to help.

Stall Pricing

Public Liability Insurance at $5 per site per day extra unless stallholder has own PL policy. Outside powered sites $3 per day per site extra(limit of 30 sites). All prices include GST. Payment for sites is on-line or by contactless methods only. An administration fee of $10 will be applied for non-online bookings.

Outside Sites

$26/per day 
  • Large Area
  • Close to entrance
  • Vehicles ALLOWED ON SITE
  • Uncovered Site

Howitt St & Pavilions

$31/per day
  • Indoor Area
  • SOME PowerED SITES available
  • Trestle Hire Available
  • Perfect for Wet Days