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Market Interactive Map
Neville Heather Nikki Donna & Jim M.R. Clothes Lefteri Plants! Car Boot Alley


Neville has a huge assortment of second-hand items, tools and bric-a-brac.


Heather sells beautiful handmade items, some bric-a-brac and homewares.


With a gobsmacking array of old games and collectibles, there is sure to be a treasure or two to be found at Nikki's!

Find Atari, NES, Nintendo, PlayStation games, controllers, POP! Vinyl and so, so much more.

Donna & Jim

Donna and Jim host a fantastic collection of second-hand clothes, toys, books and bric-a-brac!

M.R. Clothes

Find all of your clothing needs at super reasonable prices!


Looking to upgrade your toolkit or find the perfect gear for your next DIY project? Look no further!


Check out these beautiful plants! All $3

Car Boot Alley

Here's why you should park your ride and set up shop at the Ballarat Market:
🛒 Endless Treasures: Clear out your clutter and unearth pre-loved gems from your boot. Your trash might just be someone else's treasure!
🚗 Moving opportunity: Rather than hosting a garage sale and relying on people coming to you, bring yourself to the people! With an average of 1000 attendees a week, all eyes will be on your goods!
🌞 Fresh Air Shopping: Enjoy shopping and selling in the great outdoors, soaking in the sunshine and fresh Ballarat breeze.
🤝 Meet and Greet: Strike up conversations, make new friends, and enjoy the camaraderie of a market dedicated to bargain hunting.
🌈 Something for Everyone: From vintage collectibles to toys, clothes, gadgets, and more – you'll find a diverse range of goods at every market.
🚙 Ready to Rev Up? Express your interest or get more details by contacting, or just turn up on Sunday morning!

Market Documents

This page has links to information for site holders.

The rules of the Ballarat Market can be found here

Guidance for the COVIDsafe operation of the market.

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